We know you are all expecting VirtueMart 4 for Joomla 4 to be released soon. We are almost there. Our new version is being tested daily in various test environments and most features are working to our satisfaction. So well, in fact, that the first VM testers are planning to go live with smaller stores soon.

VirtueMart 4 Update Procedure

Upgrade or Migration? Don't worry, the changes in Joomla 4 are substantial in some areas, but we have made sure that you can update from VirtueMart 3 to VirtueMart 4 like a normal update, mostly with just a click of a button. We can provide you with an installation package that is compatible with Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.

VirtueMart 4 loves Testers

Panorama Lilienstein von Waitsdorf

Saxonian Swizz Lilienstein, Copyright Max Milbers

Next Release

We will soon provide a new version, even if it is not yet fully perfected for Joomla 4, as we have also made many enhancements for existing VirtueMart stores with Joomla 3.

When to Update?

Joomla 3.10 is officially supported until August 17, 2023. So there is no need to rush to update to Joomla 4 immediately. Joomla 4 is still a new software, so we recommend to wait a bit with live store updates until the community has fully tested Joomla 4. New software always tends to have some bugs that need to be discovered and ironed out in the beginning.

Help Joomla 4 and VirtueMart 4 by testing in your test environments.

We expect that late spring 2022 will be a good time to update the first live stores without any problems.

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