• VirtueMart 4.2 including new PayPal Checkout

    Yes a new mayor sub version as it would be sub number 24 already. On the other hand, this version works now very well on Joomla 3 and of course Joomla 4.3 and PHP8.2. So most things have settled in 4.0.22 and compared to last autumn we had almost no bugs to fix. So this stability should also be reflected in the version number and therefore 4.2!Some have already noticed, after years of maintaining our root server on our own, our developer server went down. But thanks to our members, we can...

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virtuemart themes At developing-and-design.com (the people who created the design for the VirtueMart demo) you can find a brand new template for VirtueMart 2, called "VirtueMart eCommerce". This template was made with the amazing gantry framework.

The template is for Joomla! 2.5+ only.


{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|Rockettheme :: Mynxx| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/rt_mynxx.jpg{/rokbox} The Rockettheme Template Club has released their first VirtueMart-specialised Template - called "Mynxx". The template package provides a separate and specific Virtuemart theme that is installed straight into Virtuemart, and this theme overrides the core theming files of Virtuemart to allow for maximum control, perfect for creating a template. It also provides a series of modified virtuemart modules, such as the product scroller seen above, to diversify your shopping site.

The template is for Joomla! 1.5 only.


{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|TemplatePlazza :: eShop Plazza| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/eshopplazza.jpg{/rokbox} The Template Plazza Template Club is currently offering 3 Templates, which were designed for Web 2.0-like e-commerce Sites: eShop Plazza , eStore Plazza and Modrena Plazza. All of those templates come with custom VirtueMart Modules and are ready for Joomla! 1.0 and Joomla! 1.5.



{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|Pixelsparadise :: MP Shopix| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/MP_Shopix.jpg{/rokbox} Pixelsparadise was one of the first template shops for Joomla!/Mambo. They offer a large number of templates (100+) for Joomla! 1.0 and Joomla! 1.5, which can be bought separately or in packages of 3. Check out their List of Shop Templates for Joomla! 1.5. Currently there are two templates, which were designed with VirtueMart in mind: MP Shopix and {rokbox album=|vmtemplates| text=|MP Zacks| title=|Pixelsparadise :: MP Shopix| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/pixelsparadise_zacks.jpg{/rokbox}.



{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|BonusThemes :: ShopIt| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/bt_shopit.jpg{/rokbox} Bonusthemes.com is a Joomla! Template + Extensions Site. They offer "extreme Joomla! Templating". To get a template, you must buy a subscirption to their club. Shop It is a Joomla! 1.5 template primarily designed for e-commerce websites. It introduces lots of new functionalities for VirtueMart 1.1 . Ten new modules with animations were build to support this template, along with a new technology that feeds the template's menu with data from VirtueMart 1.1. Web 2.0'ish.



{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|GavickPro :: eShoptrix II| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/eShoptrix2.jpg{/rokbox} GavickPro offers a nice selection of Joomla! Templates in their Template Club. With eShoptrix and eShoptrix II you'll find two templates made especially for VirtueMart-based Sites. I think they are very innovative and creative and definitely worth to check out.



{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|Joomlart :: Mesolite| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/mesolite.jpg{/rokbox} Joomlart is one of the bigger players in the Joomla Template Business and they offer a Club Membership that gives access to a wide range of Templates. This also includes great ecommerce templates, e.g. Mesolite, Larix, Xenia II and Shopping II. Mesolite is the latest template in that series and it comes with some custom modules - one of them is the Slideshow module called "JA VMproductslide". Welcome to the Shop2.0!


{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|Shape5:: eMercantilism| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/eMercantilism.jpg{/rokbox} The Shape5 Template Club currently offers 2 "VirtueMartilized" Templates: eMercantilism and "Your Store". Both Templates not only look great, but they also come with custom Modules, which were written for VirtueMart-based sites and partly replace the standard VirtueMart Modules and massively enhance the Look and Usability of the Site. The Templates are also available for both J! Generations - Joomla! 1.0 AND 1.5.



{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|IceTheme :: IT The Store| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/it_thestore.jpg{/rokbox} The IceTheme Template Club currently offers a small number of templates, but those available are very special! Example: in August there's a template available, which features a custom Community Builder theme. Currently they have one template specialized for VirtueMart: IT The Store. Definitely an eye-catcher with cool Web 2.0-Features.



{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|JoomlaBamboo :: Simple Shop Template| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/simpleshop.jpg{/rokbox} This Template Club offers extraordinary Templates with eye-catching Designs, which can't be found somewhere else. Simple Shop and Clean Commerce were designed with creativity and the sense for Web 2.0. I like it, because they don't look like a "typical" Joomla! Site.



On www.yagendoo.com you´ll find a lot of Virtuemart Templates and Virtuemart Themes. The Yagendoo Team was one of the first Virtuemart Template and Virtuemart Extension providers on market. You´ll find a userforum, a FAQ and documentations for each product on the website and the prices are also not expensive. Good to know: Yagendoo provides also some Virtuemart SEO Extensions.



{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|YouJoomla :: In Stock| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/youjoomla_instock.jpg{/rokbox} They have a lot of great templates for all purposes, but YouJoomla also delivers a great template for use in conjunction with VirtueMart: IN STOCK. The design is tableless and based on valid XHTML. This template is available for Joomla! 1.0 and Joomla! 1.5.




{rokbox album=|vmtemplates| title=|VirtueMartTemplates :: Template No. 6| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/virtuemarttemplates_6.jpg{/rokbox} The Team over at VirtueMartTemplates concentrates on Templates for Joomla!/VirtueMart. So they already have a nice collection of templates, which can be used to style your Shop nicely. All the Templates are available for Joomla! 1.0 and Joomla! 1.5.



{rokbox title=|WebsiteTemplates :: Sports Store| align=|left| hspace=|4|}images/stories/virtuemart/templates/websitestemplates_SportsStore.jpg{/rokbox} Over at WebsiteTemplates.bz you can find 4 (number of today) fabulous VirtueMart Templates (which are also Joomla! Templates, made for VirtueMart-based sites). You can buy each tempalte separately - it's not a subscription-based service (no club with membership) - an even buy a unique design (so nobody else on the internet can buy the same template again). I couldn't find out if the templates are ready for J! 1.5, I'm sure they are at least compatible with J! 1.0.



ZooTemplate (formerly know as JoomlaVision) has fine Joomla! templates, which can be used for e-commerce sites as well. A must-have: their VirtueMart extensions, so make sure you have a look at them.


As you can see, there are a lot of professional and innovative Templates available for your VirtueMart-based Store. Now it's on you to decide which Design your Online Shop will get!

This blog post is for VirtueMart 1.1 templates, but I wrote a new blog post with a list of templates for VirtueMart 2!


everything is a breeze. Everything is where its supposed to be in the config area and the extension is simply amazing. Not enough stars - too bad, cos VirtueMart deserves 10 stars!

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